Since the failed coup in summer 2016 turkey is in state of emergency – there are arrests and mistreatments by the government on a daily basis. Often a single critically social media post is enough to go to prison. The revolutionary spirit of the Gezi protests seems to be vanished.

How is living under such oppressive conditions? Is it even possible to work creatively and artistically? And anyway – how could this come to happen?

In her project „İnsanlar | People“ Dortmund located artist Alexandra Breitenstein portraits people from several social backgrounds, for instance artists, students and activists. To ensure anonymity she worked with various photographic techniques like long time or multiple exposures. Short interviews added to the pictures illustrate, how people are affected by the state’s and society’s oppression in their daily and personal life.

A small folder is appearing parallel to the exhibition which is shown in two Dortmund based galleries. Check NEWS for more informations.

PS: Yes, this is art. You may buy it. Contact the artist for more information.

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