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When the coup happened I was at a party in Tarlabaşı, smoking alot of weed. This is why we laughed like we were crazy when we heard the news – but inside we were very frightened.

Turkey has obviously not changed to the better since then, the world is going down a slippery slope. I think the root of all this bad things happening lies in the fact that we are not able to be selfless. We as individuals, as the smalles unit, are obsessed with ourselves. Like animals we are slaves of basic needs and desires; food, sex, family, power, money and knowlegde. But we should instead desire to explore the meaning of our lives. We are a part of nature and everything in it exists with and for each other. I think that it is quite normal that all of this manifests itself in such big incidents, like the coup.

That’s why I am focusing on myself at the moment, I want to find out what my bad habits are – to start the change with myself. This is why I am not really interested in the coup, in politics at all. I am not seeing the ‚big picture‘. Because it’s made out of many parts and I am one of these many parts. I want to know myself first, and only then will I fully understand the big picture.

But of course you get in contact with it, even if you do not want to. Someone from the authorities called me and asked for a artwork about the coup, depicting all the blood and Erdoğan’s legendary call for democracy, this kind of bullshit. They asked me if I could design a statue, because they want to set up cultural monuments everywhere. They told me that they were rewriting history and that they wanted to have their own distinctive art. They are making their own world now in which we are to dance to their tune. But it is ok, only when shit hits the fan will we start to make a diffence. But no – it did not frighten me, it was more like dark humor.

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