C, photographer and designer

When the coup happened I was in Istanbul, not more than 5 km away from the bosphorus bridge. I could hear it, it was so close. The situation in Turkey was very tense by that time. If the coup had not happened, something else would have happen. We just did not except it to happen so quick.

We are in state of emergency by now, which means that mostly everything is banned when it comes to taking pictures. There are several places where you are not allowed to take pictures, like on the Istiklal Caddesi (note: big shopping street in the center of Istanbul). If you for example take a picture there, you can be sure that someone comes by and ask you what the hell you are doing. Not just police, also normal people walking by. There is an athmosphere of mistrust.

As photographers we now try to build our own small world, save spaces. We are working more on own individual projects. Today I am not taking a lot of political pictures, not 5 years ago from now I would go to almost every demonstration. We lost most of the laws that protect us as artists.

One of my friends got arrested a few weeks ago, he was working on pictures about the conflicts in east turkey. He ist still in prison. Also one of my own works could not be published because it was too political.

Most of the creative people want to leave the country. We can’t go to the USA anymore because of the visa restrictions. If the situation between Germany and Turkey gets more complicated, I am afraid that it’s also gonna be like that in a very close future.

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