I, student of political sciences

I was in Beşiktaş at a friend’s appartment when the coup happened. My smartphone was broken by that time, so it was not easy to follow the news on social media channels. I am studying politics, maybe it’s why I did not get that much excited at first – things like that happen some time. I was not in panic, but it’s an extraordinary situation, so I simply had to do something. Me and my friend went to the next ATM and withdraw a lot of cash, afterwards we went to the market to get bags of food and beer – just in case. Everyone around us was doing quite the same thing. Older people in Turkey usually have alot of experience with military crisis like that. But nevertheless it was a frightning situation – I first thought it is a kind of islamic revolution, because people were singing islamic and nationalist songs in the streets.

I just had come back from france by that time, where I spended an erasmus year. So much things have changed in the time when I was not here, but unfortunately not to the good. People are more closed, they are keeping their thoughts to themselves, everybody is so serious. You can feel the situations pressure in daily life.

Nobody can say what will happen exactly in Turkey‘s future. We will have elections in 2 years, if Erdoğan will win, this will be like the end of the story – no more revolution, no 2nd Turkish Republic. The Turkish state kind of belongs to him right now, I don‘t believe that he will leave his postion in peace. I suppose that there will be a civil war in future.

I want to leave the country as soon as possible because the government wants to transform society. They want to build a conservative, islamic and totalitarian state. There will no place for people, who are different. So I will leave after I finished my studies here, maybe I will go to Germany, it is not as racist as France.

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